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Trust 2000 is a small grant giving charity based in Hampshire.

It was started as a way to mark the millennium (hence the name), by a small group of parishioners in the southern Hampshire parish of Shedfield, which comprises the villages of Shedfield, Shirrell Heath and Waltham Chase.

The Trust was the idea of The Reverend Geoffrey Morrell and a small group of parishioners, and after the death of Geoff Morrell in 2007, the Trust’s official name became the Geoffrey Morrell Charitable Trust.

Trust 2000 is a grant giving trust. The original fundraising effort raised £45,000 which has subsequently grown very signifcantly through a mix of investments and further limited fundraising events. Normally the projects supported are project based, and the Trustees normally recommend to the parish that a smaller number of grants are given each year rather than one larger one. The Trust typically gives away £6,000 to £8,000 per year to a mix of projects both in the UK and abroad.

Typical recipients are listed on the projects page to give prospective applicants an idea of the type of projects we support, but if you are applying for a grant your project must satisfy our mission which is to advance education and to relieve poverty, sickness and distress of those in need and we do not fund individuals wishing to take trips abroad.

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