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Grant Giving and Application Process

Grant applications must be received between 1 April and 31 July in any year. All applications must be emailed to

Complete and submit your Application Form

Applicants must include financial information about both the project and the charity applying for the grant. Incomplete information will mean that your project will not get longlisted. We also check the status of all applicant charities to ensure that they are registered with the government of their country. Charities that we cannot verify will not get longlisted. Please note if you are an Indian charity you MUST be registered with the FCRA, and you must state the registration number on the space on our form.  Please include the website address of your charity if you have one.

Trustees review and shortlist Applications

Projects that meet the application criteria listed above and on the form, are longlisted for the trustees’ meeting in October. After extensive discussion, trustees draw up a shortlist of around 5-6 charities that they feel best meet the criteria of advancing education, relieving poverty, sickness and distress of those in need. We seek to support small community projects at home and abroad where £1500 – £2500 can make a difference.

Villagers vote for shortlisted applications

These 5-6 charities are put to the villagers of the parish through the parish magazine, which is delivered to every household in the parish, and at events where members of the community have come together.  Parishioners are asked to vote for those charities they feel are the most deserving.

Trustees award grants taking votes into consideration

At the January meeting of trustees, the results of the parish vote are taken into consideration and normally those charities receiving the most support are funded. Occasionally if evidence comes to light to indicate a project should not be funded the trustees will use their discretion to fund either a very similar project or the next most popular, although this has only happened once.

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