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Here are some examples of the projects our charity has funded. Click on each project for more info.

In 2023, Trust 2000 donated £1000 to Music Fusion, a charity based in Havant, UK, who engage young people (age 11-25 years) through music.


In conjunction with the charity Practical Action, Trust 2000 donated £3,000 to Lukhuna School in 2006 to help with the installation of a bio-latrine.

Kitale toilet block.jpg

Trust 2000 donated £1500 towards their Feeling Walking Talking Sensory Garden in 2022.

blooming blossom garden.jpg

In 2018 Trust 2000 awarded £940 to WFW to provide essential lab equipment for 60 young girls studying for a diploma course in Nursing.  

wfw nurses.jpg
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