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Music Fusion

Trust 2000 donated £1000 in 2023 to Music Fusion, a charity based in Havant, UK, who access and engage young people (age 11-25 years) through music


Over the course of the pandemic, Music Fusion have seen a sharp rise in the deterioration of young people’s mental health. Anxiety, depression and disconnection from society are at an all-time high. Put simply, young people have missed out on building the skills they need for later life due to being isolated and cut off from their communities.

Music Fusion are delighted to be funded by Trust 2000 to help support these young people.  Each individual gets to attend 1-2-1 sessions to record an original song in whatever genre they choose. The message being that it’s okay to be vulnerable, ask for help and begin your journey back to your community, to reconnect.

So far, we have 3 tracks being written and two already recorded. These songs are being compiled onto an album, to be released online across all major streaming platforms later in the year. Keep your ears peeled.

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